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How can sellers participate in the 2023 Shop With Us Ramara campaign?

Contest Entry For Sellers

How can shoppers participate in the 2023 Shop With Us Ramara campaign?

Contest Entry For Shoppers


Participating Sellers can win a prize too; sellers will be entered for a chance to win the one grand prize generously donated by Queen’s Aviation.

Shoppers who upload receipts detailing they shopped in Ramara during any of the six weeks of the campaign will be entered in that week’s prize draw. 

The Ramara Experience’s inaugural Shop with Us Ramara Campaign begins on Monday, October 16 and runs for six weeks ending on Sunday, November 26 at midnight.

When Does 2023 Shop with Us Ramara Happen?

Reduce Ramara’s Footprint

Shopping local reduces ‘shopping miles’ and finding local farms offers nutritious fresh food choices like locally grown beans, corns, fruits and vegetables as well as locally raised livestock


Ramara Riches

Peace, Plenty, Progress and let’s add Prosperity, Ramara knows how to nod to the natural while encouraging entrepreneurship. Thriving local businesses offering personal, knowledgeable and friendly service inspire future investment in Ramara.


Support A Connected Ramara

Ramara’s businesses are first in line to give to those who give to us. Our businesses fund our Lions, Legions and the many Community Groups who bring us joy and caretake us in times of need.


Revel in Ramara’s Identity

Connect with local purveyors of goods; creators, growers, movers, shakers, bakers and candlestick makers. Participate in our cool culture and distinct character.


Keep Ramara’s Families Employed

Small business; big impact. Small businesses make up about 98% of all businesses in the province employing about 2.3 million Ontarians.²


Five Best Reasons to Shop with Us Ramara

When you shop with us, you join the 86% of Canadian shoppers who choose their favourite small businesses.¹

When you shop with us .66¢ of each dollar you spend stays local.

Stay updated about local business in Ramara and learn about our 2023 Shop With Us Ramara campaign!

Stay Informed

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